Corporate Health Programs

Corporate wellness is priceless.
Busy working lives leave many people time-poor to invest in their health. This adversely affects their physical and mental wellbeing and in turn their productivity in the workplace.

Fatigue, unmanageable stress, irritability, lack of focus and frequent sick days become too common.

Call on The Foodologist to educate and inspire your team to improve their nutrition and feel the results!

Choose from educational health seminars, wholefood cooking classes, nutritional consultations or a package of two or more services


Health Seminars  (60 min)  

An inspirational and interactive session to educate & motivate your team. Topics include:

Navigate the Supermarket Become a conscious consumer. Learn to read food labels and recognize the good, the bad and the ugly

Combat Sugar Cravings Priceless tips to free yourself from the addictive and destructive effects of sugar

Debunk the Fat Myth Good fats? Yes! Be enlightened and learn to decipher the healthy fats from the damaging ones

Kick-Start Your Day with a Fabulous Breakfast Set yourself up for a day of great energy and a clear-thinking head with easy and practical breakfast solutions

Eradicate Afternoon Slumps Enjoy sustained energy through the day (without relying on caffeine & sugar to pick you up!)

Lose Weight, Naturally Ditch the ‘diet’ and learn how to shed those extra Kg’s in a sustainable (and delicious) way

Be Calm, Happy & Focused A holistic approach to a healthy nervous system, addressing sleep, anxiety, depression and a foggy brain

Eat for Immunity Fire up your immune system through superior nutrition and effective home remedies

Women’s Health Nutritional and lifestyle strategies for PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, menopause and all things woman!

Men’s Health Nutritional and lifestyle strategies for prostate health, stamina and all things man!

Your Wish List Ask The Foodologist to tailor a presentation based on the interests and needs of your team


Wholefood Cooking Classes  (60 min)

The ideal way to convert theoretical knowledge into simple and delicious meals & snacks. Includes all ingredients, recipes, tastings and information in abundance. Corporate cooking classes are typically held in onsite kitchens. Alternative venues can be arranged if required.

Healthy, Yummy, Quick Simple & healthy solutions for weeknight meals in a time-poor world

Up & Go Quick and creative breakfast ideas that put commercial varieties to shame

From Dinner to Lunch Turning dinners into superb left over lunches

Get Cultured! Learn the age-old tradition of making and using cultured (fermented) foods to enhance digestive health

Beat that Sugar Addiction Plan and create healthy meals and snacks to satiate and ward off cravings

Shed a Little The tastiest meals to help achieve or maintain optimal weight (and not be left hungry!)

Feed the Gang Simple & nutritious meals to satisfy both adults & kids

Guiltless Pleasures Decadent & nutrient-dense treats to replace junk

Your Wish List Ask The Foodologist to tailor a cooking class based on the interests and needs of your team


Nutritional Consultations  (Half or full day)                                                                                           

One-on-one consultations to implement individualized dietary changes based on personal health goals

A 20-minute one-on-one consultation with your employees is proven to be highly effective in motivating individuals to commit to better health practices.

A health questionnaire and food diary is sent to each staff member two weeks prior to the consultation. These are then assessed and practical dietary recommendations are made to assist in reaching individual health goals.

Consultations run back-to-back over a morning or afternoon block.



Snacks & Sides  (30 min)

Little gems. Priceless stuff for less.

Mini Seminars
Key messages from selected presentations*

Mini Cooking Classes
Demos in a flash*

Ask The Foodologist for available topics

Ask The Foodologist to tailor & quote a session or a package to suit your team

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