Can I claim back on the consultation?

Rebates are available through most private health funds.

How does a nutritionist differ to a dietician and how do I choose which to see?

Nutritionists are trained both scientifically and holistically. They are concerned not the quantity of food, but also with its quality. Dieticians are trained in a scientific way. Focus is largely on quantity rather than quality. If you naturally gravitate towards holistic or alternative philosophies, then a nutritionist is likely to be the right choice for you.

What does the term ‘wholefood diet’ actually mean?

Wholefoods are those foods to which little or no processing has been done. They are as close to as possible to how they are found in nature. Those adopting a wholefood diet strive to eliminate heavily processed foods, artificial ingredients, food additives and preservatives.

Why do nutritionists place a heavy focus on digestive health?

Good health begins with a healthy digestive system. How well we digest food (break it down), absorb food and eliminate waste product influences our health immensely. Numerous disorders such as autoimmune conditions, depression, anxiety and fatigue are greatly influenced by gut health. Nutritionists strive to support gut function as they recognise that a compromised digestive system is a major barrier to healing other areas of health.

How does food allergy differ from food intolerance?

Food allergy is an immune response, whereby the body’s immune system reacts specifically to a food component. If a person is diagnosed with a food allergy, they should stay away from that food. The most severe allergic response is anaphylaxis.

Food intolerance does not involve the immune system. It may come about due to an inability to digest or absorb a particular food component. Many digestive symptoms arise from food intolerances.

Is a referral for allergy testing a common part of the consultation?

Whilst some clients benefit immensely from allergy testing, in most cases I have found that symptoms can be improved through modifying the current diet and providing additional support through herbs and specific nutrients/probiotics.

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