Naturopathic Consultations

A one-on-one consultation is invaluable when it comes to improving your health. You may be seeking assistance in the management of specific health concerns, such as weight gain, digestive problems, anxiety, depression or lack of energy, or you may simply wish to ‘check-in’ and acquire simple and practical tools to function at your very best daily.

An initial naturopathic consultation typically runs for 60-75 minutes, during which time a thorough case history is taken. This firstly involves a conversation around your health goals and is followed by looking into how various body systems are tracking. Your personal and family health history, current diet, supplements, medications and lifestyle practices are all looked at in order to obtain as clear a picture of your current health status.

Once this has been established, I put together a list of personalised recommendations to help you reach your health goals.

Follow up consultations run for 30-60 minutes. The number of follow-ups required varies from client to client. Typically at least one follow-up is suggested to assess progress and tweak the program to continue gaining results.

My recommendations encompass one or more of the following:


Nutrition lies at the core of health and its importance cannot be overestimated. Our daily nutritional choices can act as major barriers to health. However they can also act as a platform from which healing can take place.
My knowledge of nutrition, coupled with an uncompromised passion for wholefoods, allows me to offer practical tools to make sustainable changes to the way you eat.

Recipes specially created to suit dietary needs will be shared, allowing you to put things into action immediately and conquer that troublesome question of ‘what to eat?’


Herbal Medicine

Herbal remedies have immense therapeutic potential in the treatment and management of an array of health conditions, including: digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, depression, insomnia and fatigue. The advantage of individually prepared herbal tonics is their ability to be tailored to your current health needs. Herbs can also be effectively administered in tablet form or as a tea.


Lifestyle Modifications

As part of a holistic consultation you may be encouraged to adopt healthier lifestyle practices. I guide my clients through a range of practical tools to help them on their way to ‘cleaner living’. Where necessary I refer to other health practitioners such as GP’s, psychologists, acupuncturists and osteopaths.


Food Allergy Testing

When necessary I refer my clients for testing of food allergies and intolerances. This can help take the guesswork out of any necessary adjustments to the diet. However, typically I find that by removing common culprits first and offering digestive support, symptoms improve.
Allergy and intolerance testing is billed separately to consultation fees.

Please get in touch to book your consultation.

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