“If you’re looking for somebody to drastically change your life in a completely positive way, you need to contact Libby. I was first introduced to Libby in 2009. I was unhappy with my weight and my eating habits were deplorable, which was making me feel tired, bloated and unhappy. In a few months of regular visits, my weight was steadily dropping and my energy improved. I continued to meet with Libby on an ad-hoc basis for about 6 years as food is always changing and I wanted to get an occasional update. Libby has changed my life, opened up my world to better health. Her in-depth up-to-date knowledge of nutrition is endless. Her passion to motivate success is outstanding. I now make better choices, taking more time to prioritize the time and value of food. This is has been transforming for me. In my consultations she supplies me with weekly food plans and recipes in preparation for the week. I’ve also completed three cooking classes with Libby. These small and intimate classes provide an abundance of nutritional knowledge which is poured into every recipe. They are fun, educational and yummy! I have used some of these recipes over and over again. I see Libby as my greatest mentor, educator and motivator. I would like to highly recommend this amazing nutritionist!” – Sharyn, Edgecliff

“In the 6-8 consultation sessions I attended Libby changed the way I view eating and nutrition. I have gone from 63kg to 57kg and still losing weight the healthy and nutritious way without depriving myself of anything. I love the easy and unusual recipes and I have varied and expanded my diet to include things such as quinoa and miso. I loved her supportive style and passion for food but most of all her enthusiastic desire to help me to achieve my goals. Thanks Libby! ” – Annette, Rose Bay

“Libby, thank you so much for all of your advice and support. I have so much more
energy and am really starting to feel like my old self again.” – Nathan, Zetland

“Libby’s nutritional consultation with me was fantastic and a real learning experience. Libby’s knowledge of nutrition is extensive and it was very interesting to learn more about food labels and ingredients. She explained the reasons why I needed to change my eating habits as I have high cholestrol and gave me many new ideas for cooking and healthy eating. The analysis that she did on my pantry was also great as she made me aware of better choices that I could have been making when shopping for food. Thank you Libby!” – Jordana, Bondi

” I initially went to see Libby for acne problems and general well being issues. She is a very careful listener who then presented me with an individualised nutritional plan (which was not too extreme for me) supported with excellent supplements. I had direct positive results, with my acne clearly improving. The old saying “you are what you eat” made more sense than ever. Libby is an extremely knowledgeable, caring and enthusiastic naturopath. She has a very kind and compassionate nature, combined with exceptionally high clinical skills. In addition to telling me what types of food I should or shouldn’t eat, she provided delicious new recipes – which my whole family love. She also succinctly summarised some of the theories of alternative medicine in a manner which was very inspiring .” – Andrea, Bellevue Hill

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